About Me

I have nearly eighteen years of experience in a wide range of machining, starting with simple, technical drawings to very complicated diagrams.

Between 1994 and 1997 I was a young worker in an Industrial Factory, working as a lathe-operator/locksmith.
Then I worked in “Welcomet” establishment- metal industrial treatment.
Afterwards, I started work at a Czech company called “Moravolesk” as a CNC machinist.
I came to England in 2005, looking for a new adventure. I found work at www.Qualitychrome.co.uk, where I am currently still employed as a chrome polisher.
In my spare time I work in a friendly company called www.SVWSPARES.co.uk. This company deals with the reconstruction of old cars. This job helps me to challenge myself and develop new skills.
I am a very honest, reliable person with a positive attitude to life.
I enjoy my job, it gives me a lot of satisfaction.
So I invite you to explore my services.
Piotr Jakiela
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How we do it

First, we clean the parts of any dirt and oil.

Then after properly cleaning the parts we start sand work in order to remove the old paint.

Finally, we paint the prepared parts or use a chromium process on it, which leaves an outstanding effect after all the work is done.

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What we do

We can polish most types of metal – Copper, Steel, Brass, Stainless Steel, Alloys and Titanium.

We use three different welding techniques – Tungsten arc welding, MIG and CO2.

We offer a complete repair service – however, if a repair is not possible, we will re-manufacture it instead.

We are capable of repairing and restoring many parts from a simple dented bumper to complete parts. We also offer a complete antique restoration service including silver or gold plating.
Our work includes antiques, church artifacts and tableware with a variety of materials including gold, silver, brass and copper.
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